GM Genuine Stop/Start (S/S) Starters

GM Genuine Stop/Start (S/S) Starters are the true OE parts installed during production and validated by General Motors for GM vehicles. Parts are designed and validated to high industry standards for durability and performance under aggressive conditions and environments.   

GM uses both conventional and S/S Starters, however, most GM vehicle applications after 2014 with automatic transmissions are 100% stop/start.

Dual in-line solenoid starters engineered for GM vehicles
GM Genuine S/S starters are a dual in-line solenoid starter.   Many other OEMs use a single enhanced or conventional S/S starter. The change of mind event, with starter assist is faster with a dual in-line solenoid starter vs. a single enhanced or conventional stop/start starter.

Dual in-line solenoid starters with a 12-volt starting system and an automatic transmission have three different start types:
  • Key Start – Initial starting of the vehicle engine.  Applies to both non-stop/start and stop/start Starters  
  • Auto Start – Vehicle is running and comes to a stop, with foot on the brake pedal, engine turns off.   Engine starts when foot removed from brake pedal
  • Change of Mind Starts – Auto stop command has been given to engine.  As the engine is spinning down before reaching zero rpm, driver decides to keep engine running with foot removed from brake pedal, and depending on engine speed, engine restarts by itself or the ECU will command the starter to restart the engine

Change of Mind Starters have three different modes :

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