Professional Service Centre

ACDelco has managed our Professional Service Centre program (or a like-type program) for over 20 years. This program offers business, marketing and training support directly to Independent Service Centres across Canada. 

For an affordable monthly subscription fee, the ACDelco PSC program entitles you to a lengthy list of benefits including business support services, technical training and diagnostic information.  Additionally, upon reaching a minimum monthly purchase threshold - you are eligible to receive an earn back percentage on your reported purchases of ACDelco products! Upon registration, you will receive a comprehensive marketing kit - allowing you to showcase your affiliation with a globally recognized brand.   

The ACDelco PSC program uses a 5 tier structure with increasing benefits and financial incentives corresponding to higher purchases of ACDelco products. The ACDelco PSC program rewards each tier with a comprehensive list of benefits, offering more incentives for higher tiers (more purchases). Recognizing that one size does not necessarily fit all was a major step in building a loyalty program that casts a wider net while continuing to reward long term loyalty.

ACDelco recognizes the need to support the aftermarket and continues to enhance our program's offerings each year. The ACDelco Professional Service Centre program is ACDelco’s highest value program! This program is an ideal business support program for Canadian repair facilities that support ACDelco parts and are interested in earning valuable incentives and receiving advanced training for technicians and staff. 

If you are interested in a lighter program, consider ACDelco’s Automotive Care Experts program!  

To find out more about the ACDelco Professional Service Centre Program or other programs, please contact your ACDelco supplier. You can locate your nearest ACDelco supplier via our online Locator Tool.

Key Benefits

The ACDelco Professional Service Program includes unlimited access to online training materials. There are currently hundreds of courses available on ACDelco’s online training site arming technicians with advanced knowledge in today’s competitive market. Based on their assigned tier level and availability, members may also be eligible to participate in multiple learning formats including in person trainer-led seminars and on-site training courses.     

For every reported ACDelco purchase, members receive earn back points in the form of Visa rewards or a rebate on future ACDelco parts purchases. 

Consumer Assurance
An exclusive benefit for ACDelco PSC members, our Consumer Assurance program offers additional security on warrantied items for manufacturing defects.  

Let your shop stand apart from the competition with marketing support exclusive to the ACDelco PSC program. Based on specific program tier levels, members qualify for a number of marketing support benefits including access to our Knowledge is Power customer seminar tools, profiling on ACDelco’s online Parts Locator and other marketing support materials. 

Business Support
Stay competitive in today’s changing market with ACDelco’s PSC program. We know how difficult it can be to troubleshoot issues in modern vehicles - that’s why the ACDelco PSC program includes access to a variety of diagnostic tools and solutions. 

If ACDelco’s Professional Service Centre program didn’t include enough enticing benefits and incentives - members are also eligible for participation in a number of additional promotions through the year!