ACDelco Key Fleet


Rewarding you for supporting ACDelco
The Key Fleet program provides added benefits and value to Canadian fleet customers in connection with their purchases of ACDelco products used to service their own fleet vehicles and fleet equipment. Designed to increase efficiency, and reduce downtime and operational expenses while keeping the fleet properly maintained and on the road. 

Who Qualifies?
In order to qualify as a participant in ACDelco’s Key Fleet Program, businesses must maintain/service and operate 15 or more vehicles or pieces of motorized equipment, service their fleet vehicles and equipment in-house, and purchase a set minimum of ACDelco products on an annual basis from an Authorized Distributor.

Key Benefits
  • Training 
  • Quarterly Earnback
  • Parts
  • Warranty
  • Competitive Pricing

Need more Info?
To find out more about the ACDelco Key Fleet (KFLT) Program or any other ACDelco programs, please contact an authorized ACDelco supplier.