2024 ACDelco Tech Challenge - April 2024

Last month we asked this Tech question and invited you to share your answer. We value your expertise and want to thank everyone who participated!

When diagnosing a fuel metering to lean bank 1 code P0171, you notice the Short Term Fuel Trim moves from +10% to +2% when you bring the RPM up to 2500 from idle. What is the most likely cause of the lean condition?
The most likely cause is a vacuum leak. When you increase the RPM there is less vacuum and therefore less un-metered air entering the engine from the leak point. You will see the fuel trim move closer to zero, as the ECM reduces its rich correction for the lean condition. Your next step should be to perform a volumetric efficiency test to ensure the mechanical components are operating above 80% VE. Then use a smoke machine to find the cause of the intake air leak.

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  • Brock at Cox's Auto Clinic Ltd in Dartmouth, NS
  • Rick at Torque Performance Ltd in Edmonton, AB

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