Battery Inspection and Maintenance for New Batteries
Having a good stock of ACDelco Batteries in your shop is a great way to ensure a quick repair when your customers need it. But sometimes those batteries may sit on your shelves for longer than expected. Here’s some information on what you should do to maintain batteries as they wait to be installed. By following these recommendations, your customers will be able to enjoy peak performance and longevity from their newly installed batteries.

Battery Shelf Life - 12-18 Months Before a Charge
ACDelco batteries are designed to last on the shelf for 12-18 months from build date without needing a charge. New batteries by design are only around 80% fully formed, meaning that the electrolyte in the battery has not permeated completely into the lead plates. This helps ensure a longer shelf for the battery before being installed in a vehicle. This also applies to both AGM and Flooded lead acid batteries. 

Check the “Open Circuit”
What does this mean for you? You cannot use capacitance style battery testers because you may see lower CCA and Voltage values that might make the tester believe there’s an issue with the battery

Instead, check the “Open Circuit” voltage across the positive and negative battery posts.   If the battery has never been installed, you should see 12.4 - 12.6V. If it’s less than 12.4, simply use a charger to top up the battery on the shelf. Keep in mind that AGM batteries have very low internal resistance, and you need to be using a tapered rate smart charger that will charge at a lower voltage and amperage to prevent from damaging that expensive battery.  

Ready to Go
Once installed, and the battery has gone through a few starting and charging cycles on the vehicle, the electrolyte will become fully saturated into the lead plates and you can now test it with your standard capacitance battery tester. 

ACDelco Batteries – We have you Covered
New batteries typically last between 3-5 years on today’s modern vehicles and ACDelco batteries have some of the best warranties in the market.  ACDelco Gold batteries have up to 42 months of warranty coverage against defects to ensure your customers are protected against premature battery failure.

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