ACDelco Gold Chassis Parts Meet Ride and Drive Challenges
ACDelco Gold Chassis Parts Meet Ride and Drive Challenges

The components that comprise a vehicle’s chassis are crucial to both its ride and its safety. Through less-than-ideal road conditions, these parts become more important than ever. ACDelco Gold Chassis Parts are the high-quality choice that undergo rigorous testing for quality and durability. They are built to meet expectations for fit, form and function, making them the perfect choice for both General Motors and most non-GM vehicles alike.

The vehicle’s chassis system includes several separate, but interlinking, parts. Ball joints connect the control arms to the steering knuckle and control arms link the vehicle’s steering knuckle to its frame, allowing the suspension to move and keeping the vertical motion of the vehicle’s wheels synchronized in relation to its body. Pitman arms connect the vehicle’s steering gear to its steering linkage, which itself is connected by tie-rod ends to the steering knuckle. These parts not only need to function in harmony, but they also must be able to hold up against everything the road throws at them.

Put to the Test
Engineers perform rigorous testing of the parts. The bench tests mimic the same kinds of situations that would be found on the highway, simulating when a wheel hits a pothole or simply when the suspension goes up and down during the drive.

Engineers also evaluate the usage of the parts in a way that mirrors the conditions the parts will likely face over the life of a vehicle. For example, engineers may run a part for 1.2 million cycles until it breaks, so that they know its failure point, and compare that to data from the field. They use that information to design the part for greater integrity, and then test it all over again.

Another process called cold-formed manufacturing helps craft ACDelco Gold Chassis Parts. Where appropriate, instead of cutting the parts’ material in the forging -process, the parts are instead formed to their necessary shape, which preserves the grain of their metal and makes them stronger and more durable.
Many of the ACDelco Gold Chassis Parts also feature e-coating, an electrostatic painting process that helps prevent corrosion. Some other brands’ parts may simply use epoxy paint, which provides less protection. GM e-coated parts will endure some 700 hours of salt spray to ensure that the seals hold up and the items don’t chip.

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