CONNECTION TIP: New Feature - Recommended Jobs – Launched in May 2020

Choose Favorite Jobs
After looking up a vehicle, choose Favorite Jobs as your parts search option.

If you don't already have any Favorite Jobs created, your page may be blank. Whether you have any Favorite Jobs created or not, you can now add new, pre-created Favorite Jobs with the "Switch to Recommended Jobs" tab near the upper left of the catalog.

You will now see all the Recommended Jobs that are currently available to be added to your Favorite Jobs.
  1. Search for a job name or a part type to see what jobs are available
  2. This shows the date the job was updated or created so you can easily find the most recent jobs available
  3. Simply click "+ To My Jobs" to add it to your Favorite Jobs
  4. Click "Switch to Favorite Jobs" to return to your Favorite Jobs lookup options

After adding the Favorite Job, you still have full control over what parts are in the job, what the job is called, and the position in the Favorite Jobs list.

On this screen you can edit your Favorite Jobs.
  1. Sort your jobs to best suit your needs
  2. Add a brand new Favorite Job by selecting part types and naming your job
  3. Edit the name of an existing Favorite Job
  4. Add part types to an existing Favorite Job
  5. Delete an entire Favorite Job
  6. Delete a single part type from an existing Favorite Job
  7. Click "Exit Admin" when you are done and wish to return to the Favorite Jobs menu

We hope the new Recommend Jobs feature will help you find parts fast and accurately to make assisting your customers even easier.
For more information on the CONNECTION application or to find out your login details, contact your ACDelco Distributor.