Tech Tip: Keys To Unlocking The Passive Door System

Vehicles Involved: 2019/2020 GM Models

Condition: Passive keyless entry allows entry to a locked vehicle without pressing any buttons on the keyless entry transmitter. The passive entry system uses low frequency antennas in several different areas on the vehicle to determine the location of the transmitter. Some customers of 2019 and 2020 GM models may find that their unlocking feature is inoperative when pressing the button on the door or tailgate release handle. If all turn signals flash four times quickly when a button is pressed, it's an indication that passive unlocking has been turned off. Owners should know that, once any individual fob is used to disable passive unlocking, all fobs for the vehicle will be disabled. Also, some vehicles may have “Passive Door Unlock” turned off in the vehicle settings on the infotainment system, which affects all of a vehicle’s fobs.

Repair Procedure: To cycle between the Passive Unlocking Enabled and Disabled modes, first turn off the vehicle. Then press and hold both the Lock and Unlock buttons on the vehicle fob for three seconds. The turn signals will flash four times. When passive unlocking is enabled, the doors will unlock when the button on the door handle is pressed. When it is disabled, the turn signals will flash four times but the doors will remain locked when the button on the door handle is pressed.


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