Washing Rotors
Condition: Proper Procedure for brake rotor preparation      

Vehicles Involved: All Vehicles   
Repair Procedure
Machines Rotors
All non-fully coated ACDelco rotors have an oil applied to the surface of the rotor to prevent rusting while in transit or on a shelf. This oil reside has to be removed from the rotor prior to installation. When cleaning a machined non-fully coated rotor the best combination is a solution made of detergent (soap) and hot water. Apply the detergent and hot water with a brush or by dipping it into a pail and brushing it off. Rinse the rotor with hot water after.  The detergent emulsifies any grease that may be in the pores of the cast iron and the water flushes any powdered iron that is generated while machining.

ACDelco Fully coated rotors are washed and dried at the manufacturing plant prior to coating. No washing or brake parts cleaner is needed. These can be installed from the box.

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