AMP3™ Brake Testing Process

Brake pads tested beyond the basics for dependable braking.

AMP3™ is an Analysis Measuring Power, Performance and Precision. This testing protocol goes beyond the basics of measuring the coefficient of friction. This new testing protocol uses SAE J2784 and FMVSS 135 protocols to provide confident, balanced braking. AMP3™ builds on the legacy of D3EA testing using virtual modeling, scenario-based testing and more granular testing data.
Rest assured, when your customer drives away with newly installed ACDelco Professional brake pads, ACDelco has spent the time necessary validating and conducting extensive testing to provide premium braking performance.
  • Test measures use dyno simulation to calculate stopping distances to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) over a wide range of speeds and different scenarios including vehicle gross weight rating
  • Uses OE for baseline performance
  • Vehicles are divided into 8 different weight classifications based on Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
  • Testing is conducted with vehicle-specific hardware and test conditions to determine which pads are suitable for a vehicle’s brakes

  • Tested by an independent third-party laboratory
  • Comprehensive test sequence for fully operational, failed, and high temperature brake corner behavior
  • Utilizes vehicle-level tests and measurements to determine inertia, input pressure, and deceleration levels
  • Single-ended test with dual-ended model to predict vehicle performance for calculated stopping distance
  • The front and rear brake components are tested independently to measure braking performance
  • This certification helps provide customer satisfaction and confidence for balanced braking
  • You can be confident to recommend ACDelco Professional brake pads, because they have been tested beyond the basics to provide many miles of quiet dependable braking to meet your customer’s needs
  • Note: Police applications go through conformity testing

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