TAC Tips Summer 2018
We are resolving a number of cases every day and wanted to share some of the great conversations and tips we’ve had from across the country. Follow-up on Twitter or Facebook for a regular update.

Contributor: ACDelco’s Weekly TAC Tip comes from the team at ACDelco’s Technical Assistance Centre.

June 19, 2018
Thanks to our program member from: Woodbridge, ON
Vehicle: 2011 GMC Savana 6.6L Duramax
Condition:  Cannot do the Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration, has code P24A0.
Agent recommendation: Check TSB and also make sure that, after the vehicle is left overnight, the 4 temperature sensors (2 for the exhaust and 2 for the engine) are within 3 degrees each other.
Solution: Technician has checked the TSB and read the temperature sensors with scan tool and found 1 exhaust temperature sensor was off by 10 degrees. Replaced the sensor and was able to do regeneration.

June 12, 2018
Thanks to our program member from: Scarborough, ON
Vehicle: 2011 BMW 323i automatic transmission
Condition: Engine oil leak from the engine oil pan. The technician requested the labour operation time for the procedure.
Agent recommendation: Have checked many places and in the available online service information for this vehicle, there were no labour operation times.
Solution: Always check with us first for labour operation time availability but be aware of some limited information due to their service information structure.

June 5, 2018
Thanks to our program member from: Jonquière, QC
Vehicle: 2013 Ford Escape
Condition: Vehicle has battery drain of 110mA. Technician has tried disconnecting different fuses and relays and it’s still showing high draw.
Agent recommendation: Check according to recommended procedures of waiting 45 minutes to make sure all modules are asleep.
Solution: Technician did the procedure as per recommendation and found the cigarette lighter and the 110V module were drawing too much current.

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