Product Spotlight: ACDelco Professional New Calipers
ACDelco is now offering an all-new aftermarket brake caliper, providing a high quality replacement option for many vehicles on the road today. These Professional, premium, and 100% new components are manufactured to meet your expectations for fit, form, and function.

NO CORE RETURN REQUIRED! While 100% new components help provide maximum performance, they also eliminate the need to keep old calipers around the shop waiting to be returned for the core charge expense.
The new units are manufactured to strict ISO Quality Standards, helping to provide the performance, dependability, and consistency you expect from ACDelco.
Zinc Plated Coating
  • Zinc plated coating on cast iron components offers corrosion protection from environmental elements and corrosive road sprays.
  • Protects new cast iron calipers and brackets, as well as brackets on aluminum calipers
  • ASTM B117 Salt Spray process tested
Meets Industry Standards for Performance
  • Testing to JASO C448 industry standards helps ensure leak-free operation under extreme temperatures – both hot and cold.
  • End-of-line pressure testing helps ensure correct assembly and function.
100% NEW Casting and Components
  • New pistons and bleeder screws – copper  washers included (where applicable) for  trouble free installation
  • Caliper housing bolts are tightened to manufacturing torque specifications.
  • Critical components are lubricated for smooth operation.
CLICK HERE to read more about ACDelco’s Professional New Calipers or contact your ACDelco Parts Supplier for more information.