ACDelco Tips for Brake Work

Did you know that failure to complete all the installation steps is the leading cause of customer complaints? To help keep issues to a minimum, you may consider sharing the following best practices with your customers when completing a brake job. 

Check lateral runout.
Lateral runout causes a thickness variation that will return as a brake pulsation in 4,800 - 12,000 km. Check lateral runout with a dial indicator and clean all mating surfaces. 

Replace hardware.
Brake hardware becomes fatigued as it springs in and out, while rust forms under abutment clips, requiring machining to restore proper clearances. 

Lubricate all metal contact points with a high-temperature silicone brake lubricant. It helps dampen vibrations that can cause brake noise.

Clean rotors with brake clean.
Brake clean does not have a detergent to pull iron shavings from the rotor casting, which can cause brake noise. Use soap and water to clean the rotors. 

Over-torque lug nuts.
It can cause the rotor to distort, potentially causing a brake pulsation. 

Buy untested level parts.
Buy only brake parts that have been tested to J2521 standards, and include proper shims and the appropriate friction formula for the application.

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