CONNECTION TIP: Vehicle Selection

CONNECTION is an online parts catalogue and stand-alone ordering system for automotive parts sales. With CONNECTION you can check inventory and place an online order directly from your ACDelco parts supplier.
Our new vehicle selection experience allows users to choose between keyboard or mouse click. Keyboard users can now select a vehicle by simply typing while mouse users benefit from a design optimized to reduce mouse travel.

Select a Year
Keyboard: Simply enter your year and click enter.
Example: if you are searching for year “2015” you can simply enter “15”.

Mouse: Select a vehicle year with a single click
The Year selection is displayed in columns by decade. 
This layout groups the most commonly used years to the left of the screen. 

Select a Make
Keyboard: Simply enter your make and click enter
Mouse: Select a vehicle make with a single click. Makes a displayed alphabetically in columns. 

Select a Model
Keyboard: Simply enter your model and click enter
Mouse:  Select a vehicle model with a single clicks
Models are displayed alphabetically in columns.

Select Trim and Engine (optional)
Note: Trim & Engine are only required when a catalogue lookup requires the exact vehicle for part fitment. 
Select a Trim and the associated Engines will be highlighted. 
Select an Engine and the associated Trims will be highlighted. 
Once you’ve selected the correct Trim/Engine click “Continue”.

The US and Canada flags indicate which country(s) where the model or engine was sold in.
Parts Lookup
Now you are ready to find your parts through one of an assortment of newly optimized methods:
  • Parts search – Find parts by category for that classic parts finding experience
  • A-Z – Browse all parts in one searchable list 
  • Favourite Jobs – Save all parts from common job as a favourite to use again & again
  • Recent Lookups – We have saved your recent part lookups
  • Service Trend Advisor – See the top 40 parts being replaced on this vehicle your area
Edit a Vehicle
You can edit any part of a vehicle by re-selecting the field you want to change. Trim for example. 

To edit a fully defined vehicle, click on any of the vehicle traits displayed in the vehicle header. Engine for example. 

Add a Vehicle as a “Favourite Vehicle”
When a full vehicle (Year, Make, Model and Engine) has been selected. You can add the vehicle to your favourites by selecting the Favourite “Star” icon. 

To access vehicles saved as “Favourite Vehicles” select “My Vehicles”.

For additional detail on My Vehicles, please see our My Vehicles help document found on CONNECTION.